The Toddler/Preschool Room is situated on the first floor. Children aged from two years until school age are cared for in this room.


The Toddler group(2 - 3 year old) ratio is one adult to four children and the Preschool group (3 years and above) ratio is one adult to eight children.


All the resources are available to the children on child-height furniture so they have easy access to them. Children have the opportunity to choose what they would like to explore and play with. Adult led group activities are also carried out during the day.


This room is close to the childrens toilets. We are happy to help with potty training and would work closely with parents to decide when is the right time and how.


The children's independence is encouraged in this room in selecting and carrying out activities, dressing themselves (Outdoor clothes, shoes), pouring their own drinks and toileting.

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